Ian Connor is Our Care Free Black Boy

Post 1

if you guys have me on Instagram @murdermalo – I wrote about Ian not to long ago & it didn’t occur to me to write on here ..

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

I was watching the Allen Iverson story and heard “When u become a cultural icon the world gets angry and they wanna see you fall so they can step over you” & instantly thought of The Lovely Ian Connor 🌀
I don’t understand why the social media world h8s him like they do, he’s clearly our care free black boy and as much as y’all front & claim y’all dig that characteristic it’s obvious it truly bothers y’all at the same time, y’all hate the fact he does as he pleases LIKE A REGULAR person instead of giving us a false sense of reality y’all should respect it, y’all claim he does nothing & acquired money so easily & actually it was worked for , I looked it up, this boys has a talent & I find it FUCKED up that the social media world is supposedly full of love & peace but y’all tried to tear down this nigga whole everything ☝🏾️ y’all be to stupid to at least try & understand him before y’all pass judgement on him now here is where I become even more honest, most of the female population love to play as if we can’t be grimmy sometimes when in deed we can, I can vouch for it so for y’all to put that aside and act as if it’s not odd for a female to type a word press and “confess” to SOCIAL MEDIA before authority just doesn’t make sense to me . It’s nothing in the world that can make me believe that wasn’t a get rich quick scheme and it’s fucked up because that’s serious fire she playing with, if you look at from a different perspective you play with this man reputation then you also fuck up the ability to credit the females truth who go through something so unfortunate, yet y’all to selfish to pay attention to everything that’s brought to y’all attention, yall got happy because y’all feel as if this boy ain’t worked for everything he got & wanted to see him start from the bottom not even knowing the nigga could do it all again if he wanted to 

If we knew better we would do better ☃
The average person can speak real disrespectful for instance on Twitter but once someone with a higher status does it as if they are an average person the whole world feels disrespected, we must learn to politic every little thing or say nothing at all we can’t pick and choose when to make something our business without looking at both sides.

It’s motive/logic behind everything & I feel like if you don’t take the time to find out then humbly sit there and watch.
I will break you guys of dbl standards

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