Producer Appreciation 

Music shapes us in different ways, you can be having a horrible day and that 1 BANGER can make you feel that much better. We forget about some tru hits because music continues to grow.

Is it the beats? Or is it the lyrics?

We take advantage of producers honestly they make the music, without the beat what we doing? That was rhetorical. The Beats are the reason why some of these artist prosper like they do because we’re to busy vibing out to the bells & whistles not relating to the lyrics. Sometimes we enjoy the beat so much you over look the lyrics. It’s very few rappers that can drill a 16 freestyling acapella so with that being said beats are (THE INGREDIENTS OR THE RECIPE) which ever is more important to you. They work hard perfecting their craft, they have to be able to put a sound to the vision they see & I know for a fact that’s harder than it sounds so I thank the producers out here grinding hard giving us something to listen to and helping the next person get on because they made the song what it is. They keep older songs alive by mixing the old sounds with the new era that’s when you get music that is nostalgic. Me being an advocate for the smaller things I love to hear a beat that can take me somewhere, it makes me adore the song even more for ex. Aminé & Pasqué produced “Caroline” and while you’re enjoying the cut you hear in the background little bells and that made me dig the song even more it enhanced its level of cuteness. Another ex. Is on Drake’s “Redemption” 40 added a slight “in a matter of fact I was the one who said I loved you first” in the passing of the beat and when you hear that it just makes the song more sentimental due to the fact it’s from Ray Js “One Wish.” Producers really have a lot of imagination that’s under appreciated but it’s okay because I’m here to shine a light more to the topic.

These are 3 of my well liked sounds

Here are some gems to check out

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