Chixtape 4 Review 

Tory Lanez released “Chixtape 4” along with “The New Toronto 2” New Year’s Day as a welcome to the new year 2017.

Chixtape 4 

The previous Chixtapes never let us Lanez fans down so we were looking forward to hearing this 1 but what we weren’t ready for was the set up of this mixtape. The first “track” on the line up is the intro which introduces us to two females politicking on the actions of their beloved Tory and she’s specifies that this cd was made for her….when you hear that your thinking “Okay let’s get it!” Then it hits you like WHAT THE FUCK ! In a good old nostalgic way depending on the time frame you grew up because the samples on this tape are incredible! The Chixtape is heartfelt because the beats he used to sample are all love songs we hold close to our heart so if you think about it those original songs are examples of his love for her. Yet he speaks his mind on top of that so you get two different perceptions of his feelings. Those instrumentals also get you excited to listen to it because you wonder if he’s going to do the beat any justice, which he did.

Chixtape 4 Tracklist

The two females are chilling listening to Cam’ron indecisive if they should listen to this man express his feelings subliminally.

This was mixed very smooth, when I first heard it I thought my phone switched to Apple Music and started playing the Bluestar album which I was fine with then I heard it scratch and I filled with enjoyment because you hear Jacquees, Then you hear what he wants to do in the most passive way it’s so smooth you vibe to it. He samples Pretty Ricky’s – Grind on me.

This song explains how he wants a girlfriend and a steady honest relationship between him and the female. He sampled I Need A Girl – P. Diddy.

I need a girl , someone that understands how I feel, cause we could fuck the world up, it ain’t about the talk it’s about the feel”

1 call stresses how important it is to never feel neglected because he’s a phone call away no matter what if you want communicate just call. He sampled One Call Away – Chingy with a little bit of Acura Interlude – Frank Ocean.

This gives you the early 2000s vibe in a loft type of setting because he’s talking to his boy about his actions, it’s called the “Nigga Skit” because that’s how homies talk to each other, that’s regular. Ushers “You don’t have to call” playing in the background gave it a certain “okay I can’t even be mad at you” feel.

Just a Friend is every females fairytale, it’s showing how he disregarded a now potential love of his life & now that time has passed realizing what he did he has to come to grips with the fact it will never be the same now that she had moved on and he is ultimately friend zoned wether or not he wants to think time stands still, and he figures they would compliment each other well. He sampled Biz Markies- Just a Friend.

Give me 1 good reason why you wouldn’t want this type of guy cause I stay lit, I stay fresh, plus you know I know you know I’m fly” 

What’s love? That’s all he’s saying throughout this song all you hear is examples of what “this generation” considers fun, he’s young living for himself and is fully aware that he is messing with females in relationships but it’s a free for all, what’s love? Along with the fact he’s self reflecting on the nonchalant cheating ways of a females because he is who he is so at the end of the day, at this point in his life he can care less about his loveless actions because … what’s love?

The proud family theme songs tell us that no matter what goes on you love your family, you love those who love you unconditionally, Tory Lanez voices his mistakes which are learning lessons and asked to be accepted sincerely because he’s trying. Tory is fully aware of

You and me we’ll always be tight, family ever single day and …, and even when I start acting like fool, some how I can always fall back on you, when I’m not proud and always like myself, it’s hurting you more than anyone else, and every day what I try not to do is let my pride get in between me and you. “

This song is almost chopped and screwed giving you a down south sound. It’s full of so much sex appeal just like the R Kelly – Ignition cut he sampled. The song is all about fun and sex, sex and fun.

I don’t want no interruptions, I just want to get to the functions, baby. I’m not one for assumptions, but still I want ya” 

The sample for “Slow down” was given to us courtesy of Bobby Valentinos “Slow Down”. All this states is how it’s important not to rush something that’s true just let the love run its course, when you rush things you miss the bigger picture.

Differences reminded me of the original Ginuwine Song “Differences” it wasn’t a “cover” but was close to it overall.

This is the closing of the whole mixtape the closing of all his feelings just to end it letting her know that they are a forever thing and his love for her is unconditional, everlasting, and she should always keep in her mind that he will forever love her.

You gotta see the way I see it, I could be here keeping secrets, but I feel this thing between us, and I don’t wanna let it go.”

Tory Lanez was a contributing producer to his own tracks, on top of giving us meaningful lyrics and smooth melodies. You don’t have to be a die hard fan of this man but you shouldn’t discredit his ability to produce a great grade of music.

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