It’s a thinner line 

What’s the difference between loyalty & stupidity? 

Who exactly is to blame when you’re put into a predicament that questions your loyals & love? Do you blame the lover for taking advantage of the lovee? Should the lovee be accountable for their own intuition even though it is what we would consider tainted?

“We don’t punish the tiger for catching its prey” -Daniel Caesar

When you put yourself into a vulnerable state is kamra going to be on your side if everything fails? After all you knew the risk, it’s always a risk. 

The food for thought is determining who is at fault because it’s always a lot of fingers being pointed without self evaluation. The phrase Survival of the fittest can be use to best fit the following: 

  • I can’t say it’s necessarily bad for someone to take advantage of your kindness when their mind is wired to do so, that’s just how they are. It’s up to you to see signs along with trust your intuition so you’re better safe, than sorry. Or in this case better safe than psychologically an emotional mess. If you stay true to yourself you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of to such an extent of being broken down completely. 

In a sense as we grow we don’t have to worry about feelings in a sentimental setting so by the time we establish a relationship we’re already stuck in our ways morally. When getting into a new relationship, becoming friends with someone, or even dealing with family! I think it’s good you determine what kind of person you’re dealing with overall so you are able to have the correct mindset  for the particular mind frame you are associating with. 

Cover art is from “What’s Love Got To Do With it” 


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