The Podcast And Chill Show


1.What made you venture towards podcasting instead of YouTube?

“Well I had no thoughts on podcasting I was actually just directing short skits and films but one day Kelley aka Warlock hit me up with the opportunity I couldn’t refuse but podcasting is something new to Philadelphia so it’s really a good lane to be in and capitalize off of. ” -Duff

“I feel personally, that being a Youtuber is a great opportunity, however, being able to create, and sustain a podcast on a whole different platform has more value because their is so much untapped space when it comes to podcasting.” -Finessaveli

“Podcasting is relatively new to our peers in our community, so my co-host (DuffNoBeer) and I used it as a chance to get a head start on something fresh. Instead of following the same mold that millennial’s are used to.” -Warlock

 2.What’s a podcast you listen to that is what is considered an inspiration?

“Definitely the Taxstone podcast.” -Duff

“Talk is Jericho Hosted by Chris Jericho.” -Finessaveli

“I have an assortment of podcasts that I look forward and listen to weekly! A few being: “The Brilliant Idiots” hosted by Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz, “The Joe Rogan Experience” hosted by Joe Rogan, and “The Joe Budden Podcast” hosted by Joe Budden, with Rory and Mal. I highly recommend those three if you value free life lessons.” -Warlock


3. Is chivalry dead?

“Honestly it’s who you are and how you perceive things the generation we’re in is slowly transitioning into being sensitive the slightest things can rub someone the wrong way even if they’re good doings but I think it’s dead now.” -duff

“I don’t believe so, there’s still a large amount of individuals that value tradition and moral values. I still believe in chivalry, it’s an ideal trait to have and practice.” -Finessaveli

 “Not while I’m alive.” -Warlock

4.What’s a simple thing you admire the most that you feel goes unappreciated?

“I like being a kind person putting a smile on someones face you don’t know what people go through so at least make their day.” -Duff

“One of the most simple things that I feel goes unlocked would be love for your fellow individual. Being from the city of brotherly love, I feel that a majority of the time we leave the love at home and if we would to progress as a top city, it is imperative that we show other individuals the love and respect that you yourself would like to receive.” -Finessaveli

“The opposable thumb is the most powerful thing on this planet and we use it to scroll on Instagram.” -Warlock

5. Do you find yourself being realistic or optimistic most of the time?

“I’m really balanced my goals are small but as I grow and grow they’ll  gradually get bigger and bigger a few years ago I didn’t know where I was going to be in life, coming from where I come from kids are nowhere near optimistic ” -Duff

“I feel as if optimism can only lead an individual but so far. You have to be a realist to be able to see what you have in front of you, versus what you need in front of you to make your future a reality. So a good balance of optimism and realism is an adequate way to describe myself.” -Finessaveli

“Over the years I feel that I have become more realistic. Optimism usually ends with me being let down.” -Warlock


6.What is something you’d fix in the Black Community regarding the upbringing of Children?

“Damn, actually I believe we need to give these kids more outlets to express themselves I relate to most of these kids upbringings so I know how it feels not being heard. We need to teach these kids how to be themselves and that’s why I honestly started to do the things I do now for the kids, I’m showing them you don’t need a basketball or rap to make it out the kids really are our future, we have to save the youth.”-Duff

“I believe that the community has a huge role to play in the upbringing of children. More funding should be put into community centers in the area to keep them open longer, as well as challenging community centers to have more programs for children after school. The learning process should not stop in the classroom after the bell rings.” -Finessaveli

Long answer ahead: I believe that in black communities, the proper upbringing of a child starts before he or she is even born. In some cases, black children are brought into this world to parents that don’t really love each other, usually leading to the father not being in the family’s life. The child subsequently suffers because of that. I know people out there are young and frequent the bed sheets often, but you should think long and hard if your partner is the one, before bringing another human to Earth, that will legally need the both of you for 18 years. Mental, spiritual, and financial preparedness is key.” -Warlock


7.Do you feel as if you’re supported by close friends and family? Do they even know you are apart of a podcast, and if they don’t is it because they never asked or you just expect them to pay attention to your self promoting?

“I was too insecure about telling my parents at first but my mom knows my dad doesn’t. My mom kinda supports me even if she doesn’t know what a podcast is and all my cousins support everything I do they’re my real team.” – Duff

“Most of my family know that I have a podcast and support the movement as well! Without their support nothing would be possible.” -Finessaveli

“As long as you click the link in @podanchillshow’s bio, you’re supporting, thus making you family.” -Warlock

Name: Michael Mcduffie (Duffie)

Where you are from: West Philadelphia (da bottom)

Dream occupation: Everything in the industry 

Favorite era: early 2000s when Shad moss Aka Bow Wow was the GOAT

Unpopular Opinion: Soulja Boy changed humanity

Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr: @DuffNoBeer


Name: Rishaun “Finessaveli”

From: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Dream Occupation:Governor of Pennsylvania

Unpopular Opinion: Family Guy is the greatest cartoon ever created. I believe that the show itself revolutionized how we watch comedic cartoon television.

Instagram: @Finessaveli


Name: Kelley “Warlock”

Where you are from: Philadelphia, PA

Dream occupation: Educator  

Favorite era: 2007-2010

Unpopular Opinion: Seinfeld is the greatest sitcom ever created. And may never be topped.

Instagram: @Warlock.smrc



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