Introducing “Honey”

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“Astrophile” the EP

“My name is Honey, and I’m a 20 year old upcoming artist from North Hollywood, California. I grew up in a small apartment with my grandmother and three of my brothers. Growing up music was all around me, from The Temptations to Tupac. My grandma would always play all the Motown hits and my older brother was just a hip hop head so we knew everything from the greats to the upcoming and current.  From birth, my mom and grandmother had me and my brothers into acting, modeling, music, and pageants. I actually won Little Miss Los Angeles in 2001, so I guess in some way I was kinda built to perform. I moved to the AV right before my 8th grade year. I had family that lived out here and it was a new experience so I was excited. As I got older, I kinda lost my confidence and will to be in the limelight, but I guess when you’re truly meant for something you always find your way back.”

  1. When did you realize you were musically in tune with yourself to the point you wanted to actually release music?

“My brother is a rapper, “King Tha Rapper” and he’s always been musically inclined. I however, just kinda wandered from thing to thing trying to figure out what I wanted to do, never really knew. In 2017, he was recording an EP and being in the studio with him and seeing the creative process happen in person inspired me.”

2. Do you make music solely for yourself? Or are you looking for a specific audience?

“I make music for myself but I also have dreams of reaching millions. I wanna be authentic to who I am, and live and create for myself while still being an artist that speaks for people without the voice or platform to.”

3. Who do you look forward to having a feature with in the future?

“The list is honestly so long! Rihanna, Beyoncé, J. Cole, Jhene Aiko, Kendrick, & Drake. These are all artists that have influenced me amazingly. Dream producers to collaborate with are Timbaland, Diddy, and Scott Storch.”


4. Who is your favorite musician(s)?

“My favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Beyoncé , J. Cole and Drake. For various reasons, but for the most part I feel like these artists have amazing discographies, and somehow between them, there’s always a perfect song for whatever mood you’re in.”

5. What encourages you creatively to the point you must incorporate it into your music?

“My poetry. Before I ever wrote a rhyme, I was a poet. It was a way for me to vent because I felt like I really had no one to talk to, especially being the only girl in a house full of boys. I love to write, and create stories and I feel like that’s definitely reflected in my music.”

6. What in the music industry, to you, goes unappreciated?

“I feel like right now, people underestimate the magic that lies in music. Music is a pretty powerful force and I guess people figure that right now all these mumble rappers are getting famous so they feel they don’t have put in effort or invest themselves emotionally into their craft. I also feel like everyone’s trying to be someone else, so uniqueness and individuality is something that is definitely overlooked and under appreciated.”D4018B0B-B5B2-4D78-AE39-899C299FC635

7. If you have, what is a promise you’ve made to yourself to keep you moving forward among all trial + tribulations that come your way leading you to what can be the “wrong” direction?

“I’ve struggled with depression in the past, and when my grandmother passed I honestly lost my will to live for a long time. Music was the only thing that brightened up my life in that dark time, it was the only thing that made me look forward to the future. I guess I believe in myself as artist. I think I’m gonna be great someday.”

8.What is a dream accomplishment you have either incorporating your music or in any realm?

“My biggest dream is to inspire. Someday, I wanna branch back into acting, and I love films and to write so I’d love to write novels and movie / television scripts someday. Even create my own cartoon, and design the characters as well. I want anything I create to inspire positivity. I wanna leave this world a better place than when I was born into it.”

Name/alias: Ricara Cheyenne “Honey” 
Where I’m from: North Hollywood 
Dream Occupation: Revolutionary 
Favorite Era: 60s/70s
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Photo Credit: IG @Rahde_longlocs

“Reconciliation” – Single

“Stay the night” ft June B – Single



One Comment

  1. Justus Jermaine

    A great read! I love contemporary pieces about young artist. I agree that the magic of music is lost with the industry pushing the same sound especially Among women. She gave great answers that were heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this interview.


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