The Power of Teachers

I had a conversation like 2 weeks ago with who turned out to be a teacher and very kind lady. In the middle of that conversation I naturally said “well you guys help raise us.” in response to her voicing how irritated she is with parents who refuse to acknowledge how difficult a teachers job can actually be due to their child. That’s a conversation for another read though.

No offense to the parents that are in their child’s life but realistically you aren’t the only detrimental role played in our upbringing, in a realistic retrospect.

The POWER of teachers:

Teachers along with the classrooms are safe havens sometimes more often than not. (Which makes me wonder if the “bad” kids are micro aggressive to the teachers that care since they sometimes come from a household that does not, unfortunately. I’m sure it’s conflicting for someone who actually intends to do their job.)

School as a whole is like, if not, our first interaction with other personalities that sets a staple on how to treat others.

I never had a PROBLEM with my teachers.. maybe a spicy misunderstanding, once. Very rarely did I ever have a complete head on collision but it would usually be to stress, my importance as a student or upcoming young adult should be just as respected as them being a teacher and adult generally.

Overall it always worked itself out and I ended up adoring my teachers eventually for the people they were outside of being an educator. I can’t say I wasn’t lucky! Lucky enough to have many instances where my teachers doubled as educators also because it is a difference.

Why am I writing this? At this point in my young adulthood doing adult things I realize I’m a little “lost” and that might actually just be impatience. During this time I find myself recanting what my high school consular told me and I quote “I will not be the reason you ruin your life.” all because I wanted a free block my senior year. Little did she know I was so tired and just wanted to rest since I was finally able to. I spent my entire sophomore or junior year waking up at 4 in the morning to get to school on time. She didn’t know that and I didn’t feel the need to explain it to her at that point. I honestly felt like she not only insulted my mothers ability to guide me but felt as if she was higher than my mother, who trusts me with myself. Those words make me think “maybe I should’ve took that class, maybe it would’ve..” but that’s not the case. I know for a fact it would not have done anything but probably encourage me to change schools because I always had the option to, if I ever felt overwhelmed from the commute. Although that wouldn’t have been the case exactly me being tired of how I started being treated along with the back handed “life advice”.

The point is everything resonates. So when I say they raise us I’m speaking on the teachers power to either make or break the students as in encourage and discourage, provide reassurance or instill doubt. Among other things that’s linear with being a parents not saying they need to treat as like our parents but always keep in mind they’re actually just as important with all due respect. Which emphasizes the importance of them, we develop a form of trust with teachers for them simply being adults when we’re younger so it’s understandable why what is said and done is taken personally even after the fact.

Here we have a few personal experiences I thought would be meaningful to share:

“I remember when I was in middle school I wasn’t the best kid.. my grades weren’t that good I always got into trouble only because this comes from a deep resentment of the way I was always treated by my fourth grade teacher named Ms.R——-. I was outgoing and I loved to make friends, my teacher would always move my seat around because I talked too much but it’s funny because every time I would get moved, I would be making conversation with the next person and we would be in class having a good time hahaha. This is the type of stuff that would tick my teachers off… I was in middle school so of course so I wasn’t mature enough to realize that what I was doing was rude until I got to high school. Anyways I remember this time when I was in math class mind you I wasn’t the brightest kid at the time, therefore I did need a little extra help when it came to anything related to mathematics or science. My teacher at the time Mrs.B—— was teaching the class on how to multiply polynomials I asked the girl next to me for help. The girl that helped me (Maria) decided to help me during class and as she was explaining everything to me I was telling Maria how easier it was the way she taught me than the teacher… Mrs. Bradley then saw me and Maria taking in class but the teacher didn’t know that Maria was actually helping me with the class work. So Mrs. Bradley then took my binder from my desk, threw it outside of the class into the hallway, told me to get up and I watched her as she dragged my desk from inside of the class to outside in the middle of the hallway and yelled at me saying: “YOU ARE ALWAYS DISRUPTING MY CLASS. WHY CAN’T YOU EVER SHUT UP? NOW GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!” mind you I’m trying to explain to her that I was just asking my seat mate for help only because I didn’t understand the work. Of course she didn’t believe nor didn’t bother to hear me out only because I did have a reputation of being “off track” or “disruptive” in class. I walked out of class into the hallway to see all my homework, notes, and class work papers laying all over the floor. I picked my binder to see that it’s broken because my teacher threw it out of the class and I turn around to see everyone in my class laughing at me. I felt so bad and embarrassed because this was one of the many times I was actually trying to get help and understand the course work and I was falsely accused of being disruptive. I don’t want to say that being in school has always been a negative experience but the encounters that I had with some teachers weren’t very wholesome. This is something that impacted me heavily still to this day because this left me with fear of explaining myself when I am falsely accused in some cases. Of course there are some fantastic teachers out there but I believe that teachers should pay more attention to students who tend to be “disruptive” or off track. Yelling at students , kicking them out of class, excluding them from activities, forcing students to sit in the back of the class with the desk turned around facing the wall does not fix the underlying issue. It’s just gonna enable them to feel and think that being in school is another place to feel inferior or have the feeling of being unwanted in the classroom. I understand that teacher don’t get “paid enough” but teachers should be there to inspire students and teach them that school is a place to feel welcomed also be like a role model for them because they honestly don’t know what kids nowadays are going through at home.” – Instagram, @orangesttar

“Honestly it was kind of more of a lesson. I hated Mr.N—– because he hated me there was one time a kid threw gum in my hair in class and I asked him for something to cut the gum out of my hair with. He sent me outside for disrupting the class, I hated him so much I never wanted to do his homework because we always made me feel attacked. He even got into it with my mom on the phone because he cut her off while she was talking and had to tell him to shut his mouth. Which made things worse from me, but in summer school I had an easy teacher who liked me. She had all my siblings and I passed summer school two weeks early since I was able to finish my work and pass all my test.

I feel like people don’t realize the impact teacher have and it’s a problem. Parents sometimes don’t believe that the teacher could really be the problem to why a student can’t pass. He made me feel unsafe and luckily my mom knew what was going on so she knew what was going on so she understood and just told me to make sure I got to summer school to assure I get everything done.” – Nick

“My middle school basketball coach nicknamed me “one speed” because I got tired quick and it still sticks with me. I’ve always been heavy chested so I know that was the main reason for it and to this day I’m very self conscious about running because I feel like I look so awkward doing it. Also that if someone sees me they’ll immediately comment one my breasts flying everywhere. Even when I think about exercising I get that reminder that I don’t have the proper stamina so I get discouraged. – Twitter, @KeairatheQueen

“Good teacher: Mr.C—, wonderful teacher especially for it to be a homeschool teacher. He was interactive with all his students, actually gets to know and see how they work, and helped us reach whatever goal it was instead of “doing his job”. He went out his way to make sure we understood everything no matte the subject, it’s like he cared for us to actually learn.

Bad teacher: Mr.C—– he was the absolute worst he was gross for starters. I think they should do a hygiene code for adults at school just as much as they do for students. Secondly he didn’t care if we understood the curriculum or not he just would write cat scratch notes and expect us to understand then test us. 90% of his students failed his class and not just my period..out of all the students he had 90% failed.

Having a teacher like that really discouraged me to be honest.  I was already feeling a way because I was new so to top it off I got some messed up teachers which made me not want to go to school at all, which is why I would show up at nine o clock everyday.” – Spyteful

We’re with our teachers, what is it? 10 months out of the year give or take week long breaks in-between. The only advice I have for these type of situations is to think nothing of it. That goes with instances with people outside of school also. We know ourselves best take it we deal with ourselves the most and with that we must always keep in mind to overshadow what is said to us or done. Whether any derogatory situation is presented as being in favor for us we can’t necessarily let it instill doubt in our ability to keep going.

Wishing everybody Peace, Joy, AND Prosperity. Always All ways


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