I’ve been watching the progression of what is now “Mustard Magazine”, which is the “Most informative and creative magazine ever created by and for minorities” out of Philadelphia for sometime now. Not only has it inspired me in different directions such as taking initiative to trust my creativity and display it with such pride to taking my time to actually listen and pay attention to feelings of who are placed on this world with me in a sense. I appreciate Mustard Magazine for creating a platform that can express and speak for many of us. It’s a beautiful representation of the greatness that comes with being a “minority”, being able to present something so versatile due to experiencing different walks of life, may it touch everyone it gets a chance to grace.

Q: What is you’re inspiration when developing content for your next issue?

A: Honestly, it’s kinda hard to say what exactly is my inspiration or where it stems from. I could be watching anything or I could stare at a blank canvas for 10 minutes and I’ll just start throwing things together. 

Q: Do you have any blogs or magazines you keep up with?

A: I mostly keep up with  Fader, High Snobiety and my new found favorite Brick Magazine. 

Q: What is the background behind the name of you brand/magazine?

A: The brand itself definitely stems from the name “Boujee Mustard”. At first, I just created the name as a joke highkey but then I realized how much I could do with the name and build off that. Though now I feel like I have outgrown “Boujee Mustard” I like the name Mustard Magazine because it is eye-catching and versatile. 

Q: What does your magazine present that other magazines lack?

A: My magazine definitely presents originality and a sense of purity. From research and just hearing some of the stories from peers with their experiences with magazines. I knew one of the main things my magazine was gonna have integrity and represent artist the best they can. 

Photographer: Ken

Q: Do you have a team or are you an army of one? If you have a team how did you guys all come together? If it’s only you do you ever feel overwhelmed by the demand of your presence since you have no other choice but to execute?

A: It’s all me, with occasional help from my friend Taylor who edits for me. Though I have a great support system I still haven’t found the right group of people that’s all on the same wave link as me. It’s fasure overwhelming and takes a toll on me mentally but when it all comes together and seeing the final outcome it’s so worth it.

Q: What made you want to create a magazine? Did you have any other crafts you were dedicated to before finding out that having a magazine was most comforting to you?

A: I  kinda just always wanted a magazine or a platform or something for artists. Just something that was welcoming and relatable. Though I feel like there has been more representation lately in media. I still felt like there needed to be something just for minorities strictly and it had to be done correctly.

Photographer: STEVY RED

Q: As far as support goes, how receptive is your friends and family regarding what you do? Do you have any advice for people who have friends they love dearly but have noticed those friends don’t acknowledge their craft?

A: When I first started putting out there that I’m starting my magazine I was blessed enough to have family and a few of my close friends that were there for me. I think they saw the potential in the platform before I did which encouraged me to go even harder. But my advice for those is just simply keeping grindin’, you always have to keep going because there’s always someone else out there acknowledging your ethic. 

Q: What’s the latest thing you learned in any instance?

A: The latest thing I learned is shit happens but it’s your choice to whether to keep going or not.

Q: What is one thing you’d like to say to the world?

A: Mustard Mag Drop August 1st  on IBooks go cop that shit!!

I look forward to watching the growth and appreciation of Mustard Magazine will receive as people embrace what is being done in a one of a kind, clean, and unapologetic fashion.


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