I Just Like To Talk About Music: Mavi “Let The Sun Talk” Album

Minimalistic Music reviews based on vision, art, and appreciation. When you have such an admiration for music you realize that you can’t really review an album because it’s so many details, It’s about the artist ability to express themselves not so much what we as listeners would like to hear. It’s projects that you can listen to 7 years from now and just now catch something you didn’t previously and because of that Music is an open ended discussion. With that being said I’m just letting you know how the music has made me feel since that’s important too! I just like to talk about music.

[ Track list & Features ] 1. Terms & Conditions 2. Eye/I and I/Nation 3. Daylight Savings 4. Self Love 5. II 6. Ghost (In The Shell) 7. Love, Of Money 8. Sense 9. III 10. Chiasma 11. Guernica 12. Omavi 13. Moonfire

Release date: 06October• 2019 | Genre: Pop |

Mavi also known as “Mavi4Mayor” do we deserve such divine.. I don’t even know how to start this because honestly while I was listening to this project I realized it not only humbled me it impressed and inspired me to elevate myself in some way. I’m not about to type this up as if I understood the concept of everything I listened/been listening to but I will say I’m aware of the worth it possess. I’m also aware as I keep up with his artistry I’m going to be able to push myself toward in regards of something I can’t explain but hear and feel listening to his music not on a surface level you can just tell it’s deeper than that.
I also feel foolish to just now be discovering such extraordinary words anyways but the timing was probably necessary because I saw it dropped all over my timeline but didn’t listen to it til like a week after because the album cover told me I wasn’t ready to embrace it how I was supposed to.

Streaming Platforms: You Got Options and Soundcloud

‘Let the Sun Talk’ Website

– Terms & Conditions

Feelings/Interpretation: The intro just lightens the mood and makes you feel good about what it means to be Black. It was a strong but soothing and empowering way to start the album.

Credits: Produced By Tairiq

– Eye/I and I/Nation

Feelings/Interpretation: The piano gives me this evil genius maniac feel like homeboy who made Frankenstein was listening to part of the beat real loud with his mind just going. The lyrics don’t make it any better because he just he gassed the whole track with nothing but facts and feelings. Its literally 3 songs in 1 with the two beat transitions to just enforce what’s being said in a hard but easy on the ears kind of way.

Fave Line(s): ” i got over lying underlying where my heart is
i got puddled pride and troubled eyes cause i’m an artist”

” she lick and taste the esteem
precipitating preceding
need the cake and the cream”

” i done took a condom off for women satan wouldn’t cross
niggas to popping off cause they adjacent to the boss
mad them hanging on my name won’t get them paid i brush em off”

Credits: Produced by Dkarim / Ntvrme / Duckie

– Daylight Saving

Feelings/Interpretation: The sounds behind the track are so pure you can’t help but replay it because it feels to subtle yet impactful. I consider it a Mantra since it has the ability to capture you and not release you til you hear him! It’s to be considered a gospel song of some sort.

Fave Line(s): “ unbreakable i’m still but it feel different
long day ahead at best
paul heyman with the check
caucasians made my presence a meal ticket”

Credits:  Produced by “Murky Waters” duet w/ Synclair

– Self Love

Feelings/Interpretation: The whole album gives you an oldie feel making it pretty nostalgic already then this track humbles you. Since he touches so many elements along with the importance of himself, regardless of how he feels what he says reiterates his importance as a person and sometimes you just need to hear that lead to follow the example of to learn from. The track made me think ” what are you doing for yourself and my people? Am I doing my best? I appreciate that, I appreciate the project being able to double as a learning tool to be listened to day by day.

Fave Line(s): “ i can’t talk to god just for my knees sake
long conversations to be had
wrong places wrong times and
strong patience i must add
soul weighted don’t mistake expatiations for some sadness
a strong face, a long race i’m unafraid to come n last”

Credits: Produced By “Nephew Hesh”

– II

Feelings/Interpretation: Is the little break in between learning lessons in the class room that we take to talk to our neighbors before the teacher finds the next lesson plan.

Credits: Produced by Tairiq

– Ghost (In The Shell)

Feelings/Interpretation: When that bass hit my speakers I RAN IT BACK. The beat selection is just as sophisticated as his lyrical ability and I love every bit of it. Ghost is that cocky I admire, it’s assertive as in not trying to convince someone they’re of how they desire to be portrayed. It’s more of a “I’m here and you’re going to feel me and I’ll set you free”

Fave Line(s): “ guided from inside and so my
pride is just my loss really”

Credits: Produced by “Dkarim”

Love, Of Money (video)

Feelings/Interpretation: Love, of money is an equivalent to that story time that holds wisdom underlying the truth

Fave Line(s): ” my wallet in my rib cage i love love enough for comfort knowing money go with it”

Credits: Produced by “Nate”

– Sense

Feelings/Interpretation: “I’m clutch” I find myself saying “I’m clutch, I’m clutch, I’m clutch” throughout the day. I felt every element of this particular track and I also feel like Mavi hopped in the booth and did that in one take then cancelled the rest of his day.

Fave Line(s): “make the kind you gotta read baby
i leave the silence you can see baby
i weave the darkness you can hear baby
i leave my carcass in the field baby
i parse my garden on the real daily
and you can sense it”

Credits: Produced By Thebe Kgositsile


Feelings/Interpretation: Again. The Final transition to ease you into the preparation of, As I keep listening to them they kind of foreshadow the tone what comes next.

Fave Line(s):

Credits: Produced By Nova Blu

– Chiasma

Feelings/Interpretation: Happens to be one of my personal favorites because I love a good heartfelt, direct diary piece to give you a little peace of mind. I can relate to the track in my own ways which are linear to every instance. These kind of tracks create full circle epiphanies for the realization of the project as a whole, when you hear all of his feelings essentially you think about how he gave such an authentic compound of art and that makes you say “wow” then pushes you a bit to continue manifesting who you are truly…encouraging you to create.
Chiasma is one of the most gentle songs I’ve heard all 2019.

Fave Line(s): ” i been thinking bout how dreams end
and how my means end
and how i need friends
but hate niggas

i been treading in the deep end
and ion need fins
cause when my feet hit the bottom i’ll be cradled
i’m a lazy motherfucker
either that or i’m a workhorse
niggas want my waves but they need way bigger surfboards”

Credits:  Produced by “Ovrkast”

– Guernica

Feelings/Interpretation: Nothing but quotables about loyalty. He’s so swift with his tongued lyrics are easily getting over heard and under thought. Give Mavi his Respect!

Fave Line(s): “I be with the sinning shit myself
but my center real solid.”

Credits: Produced by “Nephew Hesh”

– Omavi

Feelings/Interpretation: A Self Biography, Omavi is Omavi.

Fave Line(s): ” know these niggas love comparisons but baby i ain’t him
these niggas also loving hesitance i hate the standing still
but i’m still standing still will brandish iron fist
real manic, still will manage rocking ship
setting low standards in the throes of banishing my fears “

Credits: Produced by “Jippy”

– Moonfire

Feelings/Interpretation: Moonfire..when that young man said he made the kind of songs you had to read in ‘Sense’ I loved that bar because I was so thirsty for the lyrics but wait. Moonfire is one of them songs you gotta read to help comprehend and the outro is special.

Fave Line(s): “i bask cause i’m a natural
i clash w my antagonist
i laugh: they think this battles new
i had failed off what i had to see
got the fuck up”

Credits: “Dj Black Power”

My conversation starter as of late has been “You listen to Mavi?” Which has been enjoyable since it goes in different directions. It’s usually a joyful conversation and if they haven’t I do the honoring of “putting them on” the best part of that is people actually coming back to me to tell me how much like him as an artist. Over all I’m looking forward to him getting his well deserved recognition and discovering his music was one of the best things I’ve done for myself all of 2019.


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