I welcome my anger
My madness contributes to my sadness, I’m not okay 
As I’ve given myself the time to think of the role you play in my life which is no longer 

My forgiveness is for you continues to grow stronger and I hate it
I find myself wanting forgiveness from you for coming to grips with the fact I think I hate you
I’m in disbelief

It’s an underlying truth and all I can speak is mine
I was setback and that’s not something I’m used to, to think the amount of love I had for you set me free from myself
You were,are, my only concern and no one else

As many times as I’ve picked my heart off the ground you’d think I’m use to this but I’m not
The people who mean the world to me don’t even give me a second thought
and I try so hard
If I ever become effortless know it’s cause my hearts sore

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