I Just Like To Talk About Music: AzCult Presents “AMFP” A Muthaf*cking Problem

Minimalistic Music reviews based on vision, art, and appreciation. When you have such an admiration for music you realize that you can’t really review certain projects because it’s so many details, It’s about the artist(s) ability to express themselves not so much what we as listeners would like to hear. It’s projects that you can listen to 7 years from now and just now catch something you didn’t previously and because of that Music is a never ending discussion. With that being said I’m just letting you know how the music has made me feel since that’s important too! I just like to talk about music.

[ Track list & Features ] 1. TK Vibes 2. Light Work ft. Almighty Suspect 3. Going 30 4. Fuck Me 5. Whistle 6. Addy Waddy 7. Real Movie, Pt.2 8. Jock Strap ft. Rucci, 1TakeJay, & 1TakeQuan 9. GangstAz & StrippAz 10. Sauce 11. Thank You

Release date: 27November • 2019 | Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop | Duration: 24:49


AzSwaye and AzChike gave us a no skip necessary project during the most humble time of the year to remind us of what they‘re hear for. ‘A Muthaf*ckin Problem’ has the ability to change your entire mood regardless to what mood you’re initially in and not every project possesses the ability to be that dynamic, usually it goes “I’m not in the mood to hear that”. Which intensifies it’s longevity due to the fact it has a set sound but is also universal, thanks to beat variety, we respect that. There’s an underlying energy between the duo you hear and are able to feel through the music and you probably unintentionally feed off of that when you’re “going up” to it. Needless to mention as many times as they’ve worked together they’ve never made the same song twice but only delivered the same pretentious quality when executing their craft. The lyrical stature of the project is hard to get into since it’s pretty superb, which is normal for them, and I enjoy that because it’s quick encourages the brain to think quickly. We value the artists that don’t get carried by the beat but indeed contributes to it making the song, as a whole, a joint issue resulting in a par excellent balance.

– TK Vibes

Feelings/Interpretation: Honestly, before the beat even dropped I ran it back because of anxiousness and I just a knew they would come correctly. I wouldn’t even be upset if I accidentally on purpose crashed my car while I listen to it. It’s a solid intro too! As you listen to them you cant help but think “DO YALL HEAR THIS?” cause it’s just no way people really hearing this.

Fave Line(s): ”big blue head stacked full of megaminds”

Produced by JoogFTR

– Light Work ft. Almighty Suspect

“You out yo mind like I just shot you in it or something, lowkey stingy but this choppa might lend him a 100”

Almighty hopped on this and said “he ain’t my nigga if we fall out” then proceed to slide on it emphasizing that none of these niggas will ever be a “problem”.

Produced by Marvel Mayne

“I said fuck foreigns I’ll pull up in a tank.”

AzChike – Going 30

– Fuck Me

IG: Ifster

Feelings/Interpretation: “Fuck Me” is one of my favs because of the beat being so smooth yet the narrative of the song is real cocky confident you feel what they’re saying although you’re neither of them.


Fave Line(s): ”A broke bitch, that’s some joke shit, you got a pussy how the fuck you broke sis”

Produced by JoogFTR | AceTheFace

– Whistle*

Feelings/Interpretation: When listening to the duo one of my favorite things personally is the commentary/adlibs that come with the songs so after Chike first verse then you hear “allat n allat” and it gets you get lit like “ayee Swaye finna talk his shit” it just adds personality to the song.

Fave Line(s): ”If it’s beef let us eat I’m not looking for a truce, all dogs go to heaven bitch I’m crashin in a hellcat, I don’t want yo pussy I might sell that”

“quit playin I can’t play with a bitch, sticks out like we blind in this bitch, on Cult niggas know what it is when I’m off what I’m on I’ll lift a nigga quick”

Produced by LowTheGreat

“AMFP” is an ego intensifier, depending on what kind of person you are; as I say, “everything isn’t for everybody and that’s okay” as in as much shit is being talked on these tracks their lyrical ability meets the standards, so as you listen to it, if you meet the standard in your own world it’s puts you on a egotistical pedestal.

“get straight to the point I’m Chris Paul with the thunder, she triflin I think that’s why a nigga really like her, bought 2 birds but shit a nigga still one nighter”

AzSwaye – Addy Waddy

Real Movie Pt.2

CONCEPT ALERT**: It wouldn’t be a conversation without my unsolicited concept segment, with music depending on what kind of listener you are it can easily activate and motivate creativity. When I listen to this is I visualize a “Matrix” themed video but we watching on from the point of view of someone watching it on something like kim possible hand held since the beat is gadget like

If you haven’t already heard “Real Movie”, even if you have, check it out here.

Produced by Marvel Mayne

“Tell a bitch suck my jock strap”

AzChike – Jock Strap

“We got sticks on ice like this hockey”

AzSwaye – GangstAz & StrippAz

– Sauce

Feelings/Interpretation: I hate them for this bar for bar ass song. You can’t pick a “fave” anything about it because it’s nonstop qoutables, if you pick one line you have to add the rest of the fucking song. Might as well just put all the lyrics to make sure the listeners have the chance to catch everything said. They executed it in the most passive aggressive they make it sound easy but if that was the case they wouldn’t be the only ones showcasing a particular sound that comes with a certain skill level only they possess.

Fave Line(s): ALL OF IT

Produced by Cypress Moreno | JoogFTR

– Thank You

Fave Line(s): ”bitch leave, you playin hard get a badder bitch with ease, choppa like a arm pull some shit out my sleeve, I’m shootin he boxin well nigga this ain’t creed”

Produced by JoogFTR

CREDITS: Production –  JoogFTR | Marvel Mayne | DjFlippp | 5.O | JayNari | Cypress Moreno| LowTheGreat | AceTheFace


Features –  Almighty Suspect |Rucci |1TakeJay |1TakeQuan

Overall it’s one of my favorite energies to listen and will continue to be due to it’s composition as a whole with all regards of the beats, nostalgic samples, and unannounced features. The songs on “AMFP” flows into each other so you don’t realize you the project is over until something else comes on and you’re like “what the fuck lol”. Another thing cool about AzCult is they aren’t to be compared to another one else outside from themselves if you pay attention, no one is capable of presenting what they give us either. Thank Yall!

  Throughout the whole read if you click someones name it’ll lead you to their instagram if you haven’t tried to click it yourself by now, also in the “credits” section every name leads you to the persons instagram.

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