You ever listen to the sound of rain?
The thumps replicate what it sounds like to have a headache
You ever took a minute to look out water stained window panes?
And it reminds you of what it is to look through your own eyes
You ever get upset the sky is grey and you heart reeks a pain you can’t heal?

Then suddenly a ray of shine warms the air and you can feel it on your skin
The same skin that feels teardrops every time you try to heal again, and again
And you realize you only hate the rain because it traps you in giving you no escape, so you only think of everything that makes your mental state shake til it’s fragile

It’s not a coincidence the sky seems it’s brightest before the rain
What about how good times always feel their best when you wallow in pain
Rain and pain are two of the same an inconvenience 
We learn to adapt quickly in it’s slightest instance

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