I think (too much)

It took me years and that embarrasses me to admit
It took me years to get over myself
It took me years to accept what has become nothing

I’ve been trying to figure myself out for years now and i’ve figured out; nothing
Time wins this round… I just woke up and felt a way i was familiar with after I stopped searching for it 

1 year I cried every night, this year I allowed my anger 
I’ve accepted what it means to be strangers with someone you shared life with

It took me many days of trying to get back to a place I had to understand it was comfort I missed
I had to find out who I am and let go of who I was
I had to try, I had to cry, and I had to try again
I had to deal with feeling like I was losing it even though I knew I was lost
I had to think less
I felt sorry for letting me lose myself while giving my love to someone else

But it was worth it
What killed a version of me helped me develop the strength to be as strong as I am now and we live to experience another day
Everything I’ve learned along the way has advanced me to a greater place 
I’m thankful for me 

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