Thought: Clarity Is More Important Than Closure.

Clarity is more important than closure.

See closure usually stems from continuous long term guilt — and as someone who is usually the receiver of wrong doings I’ve learned to respect the fact nobody owes me an explanation [since I’m never given it anyways]. Therefore I’ll probably never be concerned or care when someone finally feels like explaining will help them in order to heal, after being selfish enough to do with the intent they wouldn’t be effective by.

Since I’m usually pardoned in general I’ve learned to be on some real I didn’t get the chance so I won’t be giving the chance either as time has progressed repetitively, when it comes to helping the healing of someone who might have caused me some kind of grief that I had to figure out on my own. So with that I’ve had nothing else to do but learn how to move around the idea of “closure”, and I guess you can say I kind of have a resentment for it but that wouldn’t be far from the truth. Because I think it’s a mere act of selfishness, if I break it down it doesn’t benefit anyone except who needs it and who needs it usually is the cause of their and others involved demise. How I’m set up I refuse to believe people aren’t aware.. you can be aware and just not care, so since you didn’t care at the peak of time I feel like it’s more efficient to live with the guilt you’ve probably developed after a while: and that has nothing to do with me.

You’d think closure and clarity would go hand in hand since essentially it’s clarifying but clarity to me is establishing I no longer care and probably never will again. Clarity to me is clarifying that I hope the bridges burned lights the way. Clarity to me is common courtesy and not speaking to me unless you’re spoken too. Clarity is the realization of “I’m good.” Clarity to me is for someone to take accountability without explanation in the hopes they’re understood after a situation created without an understatement. Clarity is on my terms. Clarity is a mere understanding.

& no this doesn’t apply to the people with the short end of the stick. If you need closure you need closure. This applies to the people who cause the unfortunate event then decide when they’d like to move past on their time, selfish.

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