“Give people their flowers while they’re here” you don’t say?

Well as fan of 3+ years I have taken the initiative to talk some unsolicited, but nonetheless important shit on behalf of the unintentionally humble AzSwaye.

First of all Azswaye is the kick start of a particular “la rap” sound advancing, making his self proclaimed “Pioneer” labeling indeed valid. Which brings me to why I refer to him as Swayespeare, obviously it’s a play on the writer Shakespeare. But to not only compare Swaye to a legend to showcase his destiny to be just that great if not exceed it actually. What most people are unaware of when it comes to Shakespeare is the “eth/th” ending of the words were not grammatically correct at the time but simply how he wrote, specifically. Which equates to sound; AzSwaye sounds like AzSwaye! And with all disrespect I’ve found extraordinary joy in hearing less of his sound try and be duplicated by others.

Photo Credits: YAN

If we dig deeper we can talk about consistency along with lyrical ability giving us “throw awayz 3”, “fuck me”, and “pop shit”. Swaye makes music that is nostalgic and specific. When I say this I stress that out of the like 3+ years of fandom I’ve yet to hear him repeat a bar (I’d assume it’s because he writes in quotables, so it’s really no need necessarily). His lyrical ability is being able to catch a 2 year old line and just now comprehend it because you’re listening to slow let alone stuck on a bar a few lines behind.

I have this theory I talk about often in regards of longevity. All in all to me, as a fan, AzSwaye doesn’t get appreciated enough but in a way I understand. Like most unique artist of any kind that holds their own in the battlefield, comes the ability to be timeless. Timeless is an adjective that means to not be restricted to a particular time or date. We live in a time frame where content is not archivable due to the fact it’s so fleeting. If it’s one thing for sure, we know we can go back and listen to any AzSwaye at any time and it still hold it’s significance to when it first dropped. So if you think about that among other things mentioned it’s a blatant explanation on why as many artist have had the ability to come.. they have also gone but looks who’s been here to stay. AZSWAYE!

If you’re new here I’ll do the honors of giving you an introduction

AzSwaye’s instagram, twitter, youtube, apple music, spotify, and soundcloud

Fave Picks “gone do”, “pop shit”, “op meeting”
“AMFP”, “Swaye F.T.R”, “Throw Awayz”

I hope you enjoy your new findings and be sure to check out my feelings about AMFP wishing everybody peace, joy, and prosperity always, all ways.

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